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Closing the Lending Club account – experiment failed

The combination of inadequate returns, inadequate customer support and bugs – pulling out of my Lending Club investment. Continue reading

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More bad news for Wells Fargo

They sent account statements to the wrong people. They claim it was a “printer error”. But why not using on-line statements, eliminating the danger altogether? Continue reading

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The Lending Club investor review

As promised a month ago, here’s the review on the peer-to-peer lending platform: LendingClub.com. Continue reading

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These companies are giving you money:

So here’s a partial list of companies that are willing to pay you. It includes, among others, companies like AT&T, Google, ING Direct, CapitalOne, and more.more Continue reading

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Back to the savings accounts

I already wrote in the past something about savings. It’s about time to add some more:-). SmartyPig caught my eye not just because of the very high interest rate (2.15% APY, currently, which is the highest I know of), but also because of the concept: saving not just in a general account, but per goal you set yourself. Continue reading

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Something About Savings

Some insights about savings accounts and the benefits of online banking. Read on to discover how to earn 5 times as much interest as you can have from having a savings account in your local bank. Continue reading

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