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Yet another failure from Google…. Are they more and more evil?

I’m not opening an account there, and suggest you shouldn’t either. I want to have at least the ability to tell people how to call me. Continue reading

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So many questions – and now: a place for answers!

StackExchange.com and its money.StackExchange.com personal finance site provide an excellent social-driven Q&A for the users! Have a question? Just ask! Continue reading

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Have you noticed you have less stuff on your Facebook wall?

If you stopped getting updates on your feed, it might be because of a recent Facebook interface change. Learn how to get the updates from your friends back. Continue reading

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Improving your online security – Facebook

Facebook is a fertile ground for all kinds of scamers. But the latest change they’ve introduced may help you protect yourselves a little. Continue reading

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Donations – end of the year is the perfect timing!

By this time you’ve probably finished all your holiday season shopping and gift giving to all your friends and relatives. How about a little gift to the world? Continue reading

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Do you want to share?

How to keep track of the blog? How to share what you found? If you want to be up to date on what’s happening here, and don’t want to miss tips, do read on. Continue reading

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Back to the savings accounts

I already wrote in the past something about savings. It’s about time to add some more:-). SmartyPig caught my eye not just because of the very high interest rate (2.15% APY, currently, which is the highest I know of), but also because of the concept: saving not just in a general account, but per goal you set yourself. Continue reading

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Do you like phishing?

Word of advice on internet scams and phishing practices. Be careful out there, if it sounds to good to be true – it probably is to good to be true. Continue reading

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